Ezekiel 42

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  • The Temple’s Chambers


The chapter opens with a continuation of the Ezekiel’s temple tour and measurements. Ezekiel is now led outward from the inner portion of the temple into the outer court and to the chambers opposite the separate yard and building on the north. The purpose of the chambers is made clear in Ezek. 42:13–14. They functioned as vestries (attached rooms) or sacristies where the priests could change from their inner-court garments into their outer-court garments.

In Ezek. 42:4-13, there is much mention of the various chambers of the temple. Altogether, the word “chambers” appears 15x in the chapter.

Ezek. 42:13-14 specifies that the north and south chambers opposite the yard are for the priests to “eat the most holy offerings” (Ezek. 42:13). The sacrifices and the holy garments of the priests were to remain in these chambers and not be taken into the outer court “which is for the people” (Ezek. 43:14). After initial creation of the priests’ holy garments, the people would never see them again.

The final section of the chapter (Ezek. 42:15-20) is a measurement of the temple area all around. The temple is a perfect square, each side measuring 500 cubits or 875 feet. The entire temple complex covered an area of about 17.5 acres (71,129 square meters). Ezekiel’s temple is significantly larger than Solomon’s temple.


Ezekiel’s temple tour and measurements continue in this chapter. However, Ezekiel’s movement is now outward from the innermost areas of the temple complex. However, in contrast to previous chapters, this one focuses a bit more on the purposes of the various aspects of the temple in addition to its measurements and features. Again, fairly light in terms of application, but certainly worthy of reading to reflect on the temple’s beauty and symbolism.

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