Daniel 11

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@October 20, 2023ESV (2016)ESV Prophets Plan 2023


  • The Kings of the South and the North


This massive chapter details the campaigns of the nations during the transition from Persian dominance to Greek dominance and into the intertestamental period. Kings will rise and fall and nations will vie for power and dominance. It ends with the future state and the rule of the antichrist and the great tribulation. He will have a commanding presence and prevail for a time but will ultimately meet his end “with no one to help him”. (Dan. 11:45).

One could spend weeks unpacking this chapter, but for today’s reading it seemed best to pull back appreciate it at a macro level. Apart from forthcoming events, everything that Daniel prophesied came to pass. And the fact that they did makes it known that the Lord had truly sent him (see Jer. 28:9). For us, this helps in bolstering our confidence in the legitimacy of both God’s work in the prophets and the assurance that things they spoke as yet to come will indeed happen. What an amazing thing it is that God has chosen to grant us access to this in His Word.

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