Amos 7

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@November 16, 2023ESV (2016)ESV Prophets Plan 2023


  • Warning Visions
  • Amos Accused


God showed Amos three threats of judgment: by locusts, fire and plumb line. For the first two, Amos pleaded with God to forgive and cease and He did, saying that they “shall not be” (Amos 7:3, 6). However, there was no intercession from Amos on the third threat of the plumb line as the patience of God had come to an end. The Bethel priest, Amaziah, told the king of Israel that Amos was conspiring against him with prophesies of his death and Israel’s exile. Amaziah confronted Amos directly that he was to never again prophesy in Bethel but instead flee to Judah to prophesy there. Amos responded by saying that he was chosen by God to prophesy of Israel’s impending exile and that Amaziah’s punishment for rebuking Amos’ prophetic ministry would be the loss his family and societal standing.

No one wants to hear the bad news. We only want to hear how well we are doing and how great things are going to be. As with the rebellious people in Isaiah 30:10, we want everyone to “speak to us smooth things”. But this sentiment is neither realistic nor helpful as we navigate a fallen world.

A mature walk with the Lord is marked by the ability to both speak and receive the hard things. A devotional once said that we are to, “Embrace those who love God more than they love you and who aren’t afraid to hurt you with the truth in order to help you.” As God’s children, we are called to be bold in speaking truth into the lives of others but also open and willing recipients as it is spoken to us. Let us press forward to know His Word, fearlessly proclaim it and be fully surrendered to its sanctifying power.

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