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@November 19, 2023ESV (2016)ESV Prophets Plan 2023


  • Edom Will Be Humbled
  • Edom’s Violence Against Jacob
  • The Day of the Lord Is Near
  • The Kingdom of the Lord


In the shortest book of the OT, Obadiah addresses Edom for their mistreatment of the Israelites. They had assisted in capturing the fleeing Israelites and turning them over to the Babylonians. The Lord was angry because the Edomites were descendants of Esau and related to the Israelites (Gen. 25:21–26, Gen. 25:30). Shame will cover the Edomites because their violence done against their brother Jacob. A number of commands are given for Edom to not gloat over the disaster of their brother in the day of his calamity. The day of the Lord was coming where all of the wicked deeds of Edom would return on their own head. The land of Edom would be given to the Israelites living in the Negeb, once again possessing the land they had taken from the Canaanites. Saviors (deliverers) will rule Mount Esau and “the kingdom shall be the LORD’s.” (Obadiah 21)

So much of this chapter focuses on God’s heart of protecting His chosen people. God appropriated judgement and exile for the Israelites, but this was corrective and due to their wickedness and idolatry. Once the aim of this punitive course had been achieved, God would enact judgment on the nations who oppressed His people, thus favoring and preserving a faithful remnant of Israel. That God would use such enmity between nations to bring about His intended purpose is incredibly complex, but it also illuminates the all-surpassing sovereignty of our God who knows and sees all things. It is in this God we place our trust, the One who shepherds and sanctifies His people through adversity, guiding us to Himself and to life everlasting.

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