Micah 2

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@November 25, 2023ESV (2016)ESV Prophets Plan 2023


  • Woe to the Oppressors


Micah declares a woe over the people for their wickedness and works of evil deeds. The LORD will devise a disaster for them from which they cannot remove their necks. In this time, their land will be given to a foreign nation that does not worship Yahweh. The false prophets told Micah not to prophesy such harsh words, but Micah reminded the nation of the words of the true prophets, that God brings blessing to the one who walks uprightly. Micah tells the people to leave Israel because it was not place to rest. After the judgment, the Lord Himself would be their Shepherd, gathering the remnant of Israel back from exile to take them home.

The people had lost sight of God’s holiness and judgment, focusing instead on His love and patience. Their preaching and false prophecy indicated a very shallow and selective understanding of God’s nature and attributes. Approaching this text from our own modern, Western perspective, it is clear that not much has changed. Many churches today have taken an off-ramp from faithful, biblical exegesis and preach instead a litany of culture-infused doctrines. Sadly, in the attempt to make the gospel of Christ more relevant or palatable, they remove the very things that lead to transformation. Couched in a worldly definition of love, the people are fed a nutrient-depleted diet of half-truths and are left spiritually malnourished. If the desire is for salvation among our families and communities, we need the whole truth of the whole gospel. Anything short of this is ultimately no gospel at all.

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