Micah 7

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@November 30, 2023ESV (2016)ESV Prophets Plan 2023


  • Wait for the God of Salvation
  • God’s Steadfast Love and Compassion


Micah takes his place with the nation and intercedes to God by declaring a woe. The godly have perished, leaving only those who hunt for each other. The leadership is corrupt, doing what is evil and asking for bribes. The best of them are still terrible, like a brier or a thorn hedge. There is betrayal among friends, neighbors and even relatives; no one can be trusted. Despite this, Micah speaks of a future restoration. The nation will bear the indignation of the LORD because of their sin but later be brought out to the light. Shame will come to the other nations who mock Israel in her time of judgment. Micah prayed for God to shepherd His people to fertile lands like He did once before during the exodus from Egypt. The book ends with a song of praise by Micah, that there is no God like Him, passing over transgression and not retaining anger but delighting in steadfast love. God will show faithfulness and steadfast love to them as He did their with fathers “from the days of old”. (Micah 7:20).

To end the book with a praise of God provides a helpful example for our worship and prayerful discourse with the Lord. Micah’s song is packed with the attributes of God’s heart: pardoning iniquity, not retaining anger, delighting in steadfast love, compassion and faithfulness. How wonderful it would be if our songs and prayers ended this way. How much it would honor Him that the final notes would be of our faith in gratitude. And that we would do this regardless of circumstance, intentional that our every divine interaction would resolve in praise, knowing that nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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