Zechariah 5

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@December 17, 2023ESV (2016)ESV Prophets Plan 2023


  • A Vision of a Flying Scroll
  • A Vision of a Woman in a Basket


Zechariah’s sixth vision was of a flying scroll that represented the curse that “goes out over the face of the whole land.” (Zech. 5:3). One side of the scroll was for the cleaning out of everyone who steals (sin against neighbor) and the other side for cleaning out those who swear falsely (sin against God). The curse will enter the house of thief and one who swears falsely until the land is cleansed of sin.

The seventh vision is of a woman in a basket representing the iniquity of the people. Inside the basket was a woman, the personification of wickedness. A leaden cover was placed on the basket to imprison the woman and it was lifted up between heaven and earth by two women with wings. The basket was being taken to Shinar (an older name for Babylon – see Gen. 11:1-2) to build a house for it. If the chosen people were going to be idolatrous, they may as well do it back in Babylon an build a shrine in their honor.

Stepping into the shoes of an original recipient of Zechariah’s vision of the woman (wickedness) in the basket, it seems that it would elicit a good amount of conviction. Babylon was a nation of idolaters, but Judah was to be no such place. God had chosen Judah to be where He dwelt and where He alone would be worshipped. The idolatry of Babylon was to be entirely separated from the worship of the God of Israel.

Applying this to a personal level, our worship of the Lord Jesus disconnects us from every other type or object of worship. This separation is manifested in a number of ways as we interact with the surrounding world. To walk with Christ is to accept adversity as we live a life set apart for Him and at enmity with the world.

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