Exodus 29, John 8, Proverbs 5, Galatians 4

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@March 18, 2024ESV (2016)M’Cheyne Plan 2024

Exodus 29

Exodus 29:19–20 (ESV) 19 “You shall take the other ram, and Aaron and his sons shall lay their hands on the head of the ram, 20 and you shall kill the ram and take part of its blood and put it on the tip of the right ear of Aaron and on the tips of the right ears of his sons, and on the thumbs of their right hands and on the great toes of their right feet, and throw the rest of the blood against the sides of the altar.

Scholars are mixed as to why blood from the the ram was to be placed on the tip of the right ear of Aaron and his sons along with the thumbs of their right hands and big toes of their right feet. Interestingly, a person who came for ceremonial cleansing after a skin disease also received the same treatment (Lev. 14:14-18). Constable suggests that the specifically-placed blood on Aaron and his sons symbolized sanctification:

The priests had sacrificial blood applied to their ears, thumbs, and big toes (v. 20). This symbolized their complete consecration: to hear the word of God, to serve as mediators, and to walk as an example to others. They experienced sprinkling with blood signifying their complete sanctification.

John 8

John 8:23–24 (ESV) 23 He said to them, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. 24 I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.”

Jesus makes clear the contrast of origins between Himself and the Jews in attendance. Because the Jews were from below, they lacked spiritual discernment and were focused on the temporal things of the world. However, Jesus, being from above, is entirely focused on eternal kingdom matters and thus His every thought, word and deed reflects this centrality. It is only by believing on Christ that we receive complete removal of sin and the crediting of His righteousness to us.

Proverbs 5

Proverbs 5:15–18a (ESV) 15 Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well. 16 Should your springs be scattered abroad, streams of water in the streets? 17 Let them be for yourself alone, and not for strangers with you. 18 Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth,

The author tells his son to drink water from his own cistern and well, instructing him to obtain sexual satisfaction by his wife exclusively. It is a wonderful thing to hold true to this covenantal commitment. There is reserved for those who remain steadfast in their marital devotion an unrivaled level of intimacy and connection. Thinking on these things brings both a sadness as I dearly miss sharing in this with someone but also a joy that God has so ordained this world that we can experience such a blessing.

Galatians 4

Galatians 4:9 (ESV) 9 But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, whose slaves you want to be once more?

In Paul’s confrontation of the Galatian church returning to the worthless principles of the world, he speaks of how they had not only come to know God but that they were known by Him. What a wonder it is that we are known by our Creator. Entirely underserving such attention, it fills me with gratitude that we serve a Lord who chooses to know us. There is no greater satisfaction than that I am fully known by my God.

Carson on John 8

To those so blinded, speaking the truth is precisely what hardens their hearts. It ignites the burning hatred that issues in the conflagration of the cross.

It was precisely because Jesus was telling the truth that they did not believe Him. This seems antithetical until one realizes the effect of spiritual blindness. Rather than being refreshed in water of life as found in the gospel of Christ, the blind are only hardened further in its offering. It takes a work of God through the Spirit to provide sight in order that one receive this truth and respond with repentance and faith.