Genesis 1, Matthew 1, Ezra 1, Acts 1

DateVersionReading Plan
@January 1, 2024ESV (2016)M’Cheyne Plan 2024

New year, new Bible reading plan! I’ll be in the One-Year M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan this year and reading D. A. Carson’s accompaniment, “For the Love of God”, on TGC’s website.

There will be more volume in reading, so likely less in reflection for each chapter. However, the plan is to highlight passages from each chapter that seem particularly noteworthy or that the Spirit has chosen to reveal in new light.

We’ll see how this goes…

Genesis 1

  • Separation of day and night came after creation of vegetation
  • Same command to be fruitful and multiply for animals (Gen. 1:22) as it was for humans (Gen. 1:28)
    • But humans are commanded to subdue and have dominion

Matthew 1

  • The honor of Joseph
    • Unwilling to put Mary to shame for being pregnant prior to marriage
    • Sought to divorce her quietly

Ezra 1

  • Numbering of vessels brought into the rebuilt temple
    • Only gold and silver vessels; no bronze or any other material described

Acts 1

  • A man needs to replace Judas as one of the disciples
    • Listing of qualifications → must have been with the other disciples since the baptism of John up to Jesus’ resurrection

Carson on Genesis

  • Everything but Christianity is ruled out
  • Grounding of all human responsibility
  • Autonomy is the supreme mark of our rebellion